Quick Car Removal in Adelaide – 24-Hour Scrap Car Removal Service

The struggles of selling a car are a thing of the past. Tiring paperwork, long inspections, and hectic negotiations won’t come in your way of making quick cash by selling your old scrap unwanted car. We are here to make it easy for you. All Drive Auto Parts is a scrap car wrecking service available at all locations in Adelaide. We offer quick cash for scrap cars in Adelaide. Our cash deals on scrap unwanted junk cars are the best in Adelaide.

  • Quick car removal – within 24 hours
  • Instant cash payment
  • No paperwork
  • Available 24×7
  • Car removal service across Adelaide

Scrap Car Removal

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Scrap Car Buyers in Adelaide

If you have an old unwanted scrap car rusting away on your property, sell it to us. If you don’t know what to do with a damaged car that is of no use, we will buy it. We buy scrap cars of all models, makes, ages, and any condition. Your scrap car might seem to have no value, but we will off top dollar for it and get it removed from your location. Our quick car removal services are available 24 hours at all locations in Adelaide. We offer instant car removal and wrecking service across all locations in Adelaide, free of cost. For any queries on car removal service in Adelaide call us at 0414 684 733.

Accident Damaged Wreckers

How Does It Work

Sellin a scrap car cant get easier. You are one call away from getting rid of your scrap car in Adelaide in 24 hours. Here is how to do it:

Get a quote

Fill up the form on our website. We will provide a free quote immediately. We assure you of the best instant cash deals for cars across Adelaide.


We schedule the removal of your car at your convenience from any location in Adelaide. We offer 24×7 car removal services.

Instant Cash

On-spot payment in cash as per the initial quote. No delays, no transaction processing fee, and no brokers involved. Hand-to-hand exchange of your car for maximum cash instantly. Call us at 0414 684 733 now.

No additional paperwork or processing fees will be required. Upon completion of the process, the payment will be made on spot and in cash.

Top Cash For Scrap Cars in Adelaide

While selling a scrap car to car deals is next to impossible, no individual buyer would even consider it. But instead of letting that scrap car rust all its salvage value away, you could sell it to us. We pay top cash for scrap cars in Adelaide. Yes, you read it right. All Drive auto parts are one of the oldest and largest auto salvagers in Adelaide. We buy scrap cars of all makes, models, ages and in any condition, Our cash deals on scrap cars in Adelaide are unbeatable. What’s more unbeatable is our quick car removal services. We are available at all locations in Adelaide. Our scrap car removal service in Adelaide is online 24×7.

Auto Parts We Sell

Gone are the days when you had to struggle to find the right price for an abandoned car. With All Drive Auto Parts, you can rest assured you will receive the best cash deal for your unwanted scrap car. Our salvagers have years of experience in salvaging auto parts. We salvage most of the reusable auto parts from scrap cars. We remove most of the recyclable body units as well. This allows us to increase the salvage value of scrap cars. As a result of that, we are able to make the most desirable cash for unwanted scrap cars in Perth.

Why Choose All Drive Auto Parts Adelaide

  • Quick services, efficient standards, instant payments
  • Available at any location across Adelaide
  • No documentation or paperwork
  • 24×7 customer service

We are a licensed car wrecker in Adelaide. We buy all kinds of cars and UTEs in any condition. We have experience in offering hassle-free services at any location in Adelaide. Our long-standing relationship with our customers stands in testimony to that. We remove unwanted cars and pay in cash within 24 hours from any location in Adelaide.

Our auto parts are reliable. Before we put the car under the hydraulic press, we salvage reusable auto parts. These parts are then inspected and serviced. Once the quality check is ensured, these parts are then sold to repairers and individual customers at the most affordable prices. The metal frame is also made available to fabricators on request. The entire process is eco-friendly and we make sure of that.

Our license authorizes us to purchase cars of any make, model, brand, and condition. You don’t need registration documents to sell your old used car to us. Our customer support services and car removal services are available online at any time and at any location in Adelaide. For any queries call us at 0414 684 733.

Eco-Friendly Car Removal Service in Adelaide

We have an eye on the future. We ensure that our services are per global best practices on waste removal. From eco-friendly reuse of the steel frame to safe disposal of auto parts. We try to minimize the impact on the environment as much as possible. Our team takes maximum care while handling hazardous waste. We ensure the least impact on the environment during the removal of scrap cars. We believe in the sustainable development of humankind. We strive to adhere to environment-friendly practices at all steps. Our scrapyards are well-equipped to handle all kinds of waste without causing any damage to the surrounding atmosphere. We are here to serve, however, we can.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Sell it to a car wrecker. That is the best option available out there. Car wreckers pay top cash for old unwanted cars irrespective of their condition.

Car wreckers are organizations that buy old unwanted scrap cars for cash. They salvage auto parts and resell them. They also help in recycling plastic and steel parts for reuse.

Adelaide hosts some of the best car wreckers in Australia. All Drive Auto Parts is one the oldest and most trusted car wrecker in Adelaide

All Drive Auto Parts does not charge for car wrecking and removal services. We offer free removal services across all locations in Adelaide

Yes. All Drive Auto Parts is licensed to buy cars of all makes, modes, ages, and any condition. We are authorized to buy cars without registration RWC

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