Car Body Parts Adelaide

Car Body Parts Adelaide

We have tons of parts that are recycled and many new parts as well. The prices are very affordable, so this makes it easier for you to really keep your car in good shape. If you see a part on the listing or in our shop that you don’t know what it does or where it goes, just ask and one of our helpful staff will help you find the part.

The best place where you can find used car body parts is at your local wrecker. A car wrecker or auto parts dismantler will have a variety of recycled, used, and salvageable items for sale. Used car body parts are sold by the pound and a pound of salvaged items often sells for exponentially less than they would cost in stores.

“The used car body parts supplied by All Drive Auto Parts Adelaide are in different conditions making it possible for you to find the right car part at the right price.”

Popular Models for Used Parts-

We do all makes and models hence we are All Drive Auto Parts that easily dismantle car bodies and parts for you. We are selling Toyota’s all models including Landcruiser, Camry, Kluger, Prius, Corolla, Prado, RAV4, Tarago, Hiace, and Hilux. Similarly, Mazda, Ford, Holden, Honda, Subaru, and others are also a part of our inventory.

  • Body Panels
    • Bonnets
    • Front Guard Flare
    • Guards
    • Tail Gates
  • Bumpers
    • Front Bar Centre
    • Front Bar End
    • Front Bar Lower Apron
    • Front Bumpers
    • Rear Bar End
    • Rear Bumpers
  • Bumper Trims & Inserts
    • Fog Light Bezels
    • Fog Light Covers
    • Front Bar Absorber
    • Front Bar Mould
    • Front Bar Extension
    • Front Bar Flare
    • Front Bar Grilles
    • Rear Bar Mould
    • Rear Bar Insert
    • Front Bar Spoilers
    • Front Bar Under Trays
    • Rear Steps
  • Grilles & Grille Surrounds
    • Filler Panels
    • Grilles
    • Grille Surrounds
    • Head Light Filler Panel
    • Head Light Rim
    • Head Light Housing
  • Handles
    • Door Handles
    • Tail Gate Handles
  • Mirrors
    • Door Mirrors
    • Door Mirror Covers
    • Front Door Mirrors
    • Tail Gate Mirrors
  • Reinforcements & Brackets
    • Front Bar Bracket
    • Front Bar Reinforcement
    • Front Bar Slide
    • Radiator Support
    • Rear Bar Reinforcement
    • Rear Bar Slide
  • Other Parts (Used Car Body Parts)
    • Bonnet Hinges
    • Bonnet Locks
    • Bonnet Moulds
    • Bonnet Struts
    • Boot Lid Struts
    • Door Shells
    • Dash Trims
    • Fuel Flap
    • Guard Flare Kits
    • Guard Moulds
    • Inner Guard Liners
    • Number Plate Mounts
    • Rear Bar Centres
    • Rear Bar Lower Aprons
    • Rear Beaver Panels
    • Side Steps
    • Snorkles
    • Spare Tyre Covers
    • Speaker Covers
    • Tail Gate Struts

How it works-

It is easy to get a part just use our website and call us or enquire online using the quote form. We need part details along with car details that are makes, model, year part name, transmission, etc.

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Process To Get Recycled Body Parts

Currently, there are a number of scrap metal yards and salvage yards all over the world that buy and sell used car scrap metal. Some will actually offer the option to purchase one’s own wrecked vehicle for cash or for the metal left inside. In these instances, the salvage yard would tear down the old wreck in hopes of breaking out valuable components from inside and reusing them in their business. A wrecker car parts Adelaide will always provide various auto wreckage and car body part options to choose from, such as doors, hoods, bumpers, fenders, dashboards, and more.

However insightful your search may be on our website, it always pays off to get in touch with one of our team members if you’re not quite sure about what you’re looking for with some questions or if you are looking for more information on financing options.